Sholaye Jeremi rumoured to be Linda Ikeji’s baby daddy after she reveals son’s name




The conception and birth of Linda Ikeji’s child has been a dramatic twirl for most people. But it would seem that while there are several controversies surrounding the birth of the boy, they all boil down to the first one – who is his father?  Well, it would seem that the billionaire blogger has decided to quit playing games and has finally decided to reveal who is her baby daddy. She chose to do this in a rather subtle manner that almost underplayed its very own importance: Linda revealed the full name of her child. The child who used to be referred to as Baby J while merely a foetus has now been bestowed with an official name called Jayce Jeremi. “Going home with my prince. Beginning of the best years of my life! His name is Jayce by the way, Jayce Jeremi. . Will share pictures soon!  It is rumoured that Linda tied the identity of her father’s child to this name, and he might be none other than Sholaye Jeremi. A brief look into the person of Solaye and it is easy to see that just like Linda earlier said, is a Deltan man from Sapele. The supposed father who just recently marked his 40th birthday is an oil magnate and a close associate to the Minister of Petroleum in Nigeria.  As if confirming Linda’s sneaky revelation, someone had earlier taken to a platform to air his strong inclination that Sholaye Jeremi was Linda’s baby daddy. According to the person, the oil mogul lived in Ikoyi just like Linda did and was very much in sync with the blogger. The person who claimed to be very sure about the information also insinuated that the one reason why Linda had tried to keep him from public view was that Sholaye would not get married despite his age. See the full post below: “Linda Ikeji is pregnant for Sholaye Jeremi, a close associate to Minister of State for Petroleum, Ibe Kachikwu. He is from Sapele, Delta state. 100% confirmed. The funny thing is there was no engagement as Shola will not settle down although he is 40 plus. Jeremi also stays in Ikoyi. Very credible, although Linda is trying to manage the situation but this information is 100 percent credible. You can do your findings as well, but thats the guy.” Sholaye Jeremi rumoured to be Linda Ikeji’s baby daddy after she reveals son’s name Photo: Official Linda Ikeji/Instagram Source: Instagram Source: Depositphotos  As it appears, all the pieces of the puzzle wound around Linda Ikeji’s pregnancy are coming together in bits. Evidently, what the fans and friends of the blogger are waiting now is a confirmation from her because really, the truth cannot be certified without a validation from the horse’s mouth.






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