Inspirational Wednesday With Joy Moffat: “Happiness Is Free”


When life gives you a reason to be unhappy, depressed, frustrated, discouraged and looked down. You begin to feel the rejection you think life has thrown to you. You start wondering why smile left you, why sorrow occupied in you. You try pretending to smile when you are around your friends. They crack little jokes , you laugh so hard just to feel the conviction that everything around you will be alright. But just a little moment they walked out to get something, your worries ,disappointment, sadness starts boiling up . That conviction of ” all will be well” is gone, you become so mesmerized of how tomorrow will be, how you will pay the fees, have the good grades, pay your friend that debt, how you will eat. Negative thoughts starts dancing in your mind , your mind is deeply imminent. You begin to ponder on why life treats you so badly, you start hating yourself for the situation you found yourself. Tears begins to roll down your cheeks, your face becomes heavy with burden. A few minutes later your friends bash in, you start wiping your tears then put up a fake smile .Your friends crack another joke again and you begin to respond with your laughter full of pretence but this time around, you didn’t carry the conviction of ” all will be well”
Well, that’s not all, more evil thoughts comes into squeeze you to the ground. You scroll your phone and see your old friends and most of your colleagues posts . You see their cute pictures online and you start thinking out loud ” o see ola!!, he bought a new car while I’m struggling here for ordinary transport fare” ….u see another of your Friend’s post and say ” ooo!!imagine!! Sandra is getting married and her man got her the engagement ring from Dubai but I’m searching for a partner that will just stay by me… You scroll down again and saw your primary school mate’s pictures with her friends at the pool and you give a loud thought ” jeeeeezzz..little Juliet is fresh oo!! She’s enjoying life deeply, always having fun ..guess she got a new job..well, I’ll just sit here and suffer in this lonely world “..You see your how your friends post pictures and within 15minutes, they got 300likes.You start dying inside on why yours is 50likes in 25mins

My dear, don’t be deceived by the buttons on your phone screen called ” Likes”, 500likes don’t actually mean 500friends . Some people might have the high number of likes but tends to be lonely. If you think your Friend’s skin on pictures are fresher than yours..don’t also forget that we got Snapchat filters, if you think your friend got a new car and you didn’t, just because you saw it posted online..don’t also forget that he might snap that pic. In front of someone’s car , if you feel that your colleague got married and you didn’t.. don’t also forget that wishes maybe delayed but never denied. We always tend to hate ourselves the more when we see our friends have what we wish to have but never remember that we got some things that they die to get.

When you put your pains and problems under your foot, when you burn your sorrows, worries and depression, when you detach from wrong people and flow with people that will be able to encourage you in life, when you appreciate yourself in every situation, when you quit the habit of comparison, when you accept yourself Even in a broken mirror… Then you remember ” Happiness is free”





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